Marketing And Webdesign On A Budget

SEO Marketing is the thing I push for the most when speaking with any small business owner about their website. SEO Marketing is making sure your site appropriately comes up in the results for searches that your potential customers are making online while looking for a product or service your business offers.

Over the past few years Pay-Per-Click (PPC) got most of the attention, and most recently all people want to talk about is Social Media. For me, I have always kept my primary focus on SEO. Now, with top Internet Marketers reducing their PPC budgets, and online readers losing interest in Social Media Blogs, it appears my focus was well placed.

So, with online marketing & webdesign being the most powerful factor in the eMarketing (actually, User Experience is the most powerful, but SEO rules in terms of getting quality traffic to your site), I think it is key for any niche, local and/or small business to know how to properly optimize their site.

SEO Marketing Break-Down;Keyword Strategy – Make sure the keywords you use target the right people at the right time.Site Structure – Make sure the website architecture & taxonomy itself is SEO friendly and well organizedContent – Make sure it is keyword relevant and rich.Incoming Links – Get as many popular and relevant sites to link to you possible.Analysis – You need to know what is working and what is not.Fine Tuning – Learn to capitalize on your opportunities.

I decided to put the new eMarketing Search Engine on this site to the test by searching for „Start SEO”, as that is what I need to do with this new site and sure enough, within the top 3 results was the best resource I have found to date.

The thing you need to remember is that, although information online is often free, and plentiful, it is not always „all the information” or is just wrong or misleading. When it comes to a topic like SEO you can search and search and search before you realize anything you need to do of value.

For my own SEO efforts, I really just use one resource. Its the one that forces me to do things right, and is one of the reasons I have been #1 on Search Engine for terms like „Belts” and „Caps” in the past (check out the volume on those keywords!).

If you are starting SEO, or want to re-optimize a current site, the only resource you really need is SEO – Fast – Start . I suggest you stop surfing around and reading Blogs for SEO tips till you’ve read this eBook.

SEO – Fast – Start offers a free eBook most would sell for around $50, and it really sets the record straight for SEO. The passion for SEO Marketing is evident and the owner, Dan Thies, is an eMarketing veteran like myself who hates the bull. You don’t even need to register to download the eBook! (Which is where I got the diagram above) I suggest you stop whatever other eMarketing efforts you are doing, read it and do it. Seriously, in 4 months you will glad you did.

I hope this helps others as much as it has me.